Let EnDyn Mfg. – the CNC Production Experts – quote your next manufacturing project. We fabricate products from a variety of materials, from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to plastic. We’ll customize each piece based on your specifications and drawings and can use customer-supplied or our own internally sourced castings.

Our product lines are as varied as our customer base. Current projects include:

  • Petro/Pipeline: Wide range of valve bodies from 2″ to 6″ including Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Globe valves, and several more
    Bridge Construction: Components for Cable Stay Bridge anchorages for domestic and international bridge projects
  • Natural Gas Engine/Compressors: Auxiliary parts for Superior, Ajax, Waukesha and other manufacturers, including exhaust manifold sections, shafts, hubs, cam followers, etc.
  • Heavy Equipment: Support arms, Hydraulic cylinder supports, Hydraulic bodies.
  • Environmental: Sludge rollers and supporting brackets and bearings for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Contact us to quote your project today!